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А быстро его нагнули

Малазийского министра транспорта.
Напомню, что в Малазии пришло к власти новое правительство, коалиционное , и пост министра  транспорта достался этинческому китайцу из партии сепаратистов.
Вот он 30.05.2018 и заявил, мол, что нет никаких доказательств в  причастности России к  сбитию боинга в 2014 г.
Тут у  нидерландских и австралийских товарищей подгорело  и вот результат

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia is unwavering in its resolve to hold the perpetrators responsible for the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 (MH17) in July 2014, accountable for their actions.

Transport Minister Anthony Loke said that Malaysia and the other Dutch-led Joint Investigation Team (JIT) members would not rest until they have secured justice for the innocent victims of flight MH17, and provide closure for the victims' loved ones.

The minister said this during a joint courtesy call by Ambassador of The Netherlands to Malaysia Karin Mossenlechner and Australian High Commissioner to Malaysia Andrew Goledzinowski yesterday.

A statement on the courtesy call was released by the Foreign Ministry today.

The meeting discussed various issues of mutual interest including bilateral transportation issues, MH370, as well as the latest developments concerning MH17.

"Minister Loke commended the JIT on the progress of its investigation and reaffirmed Malaysia's position as per the government statement issued on May 25, 2018," said the statement.

Loke reiterated that Malaysia was carefully and thoroughly studying the latest findings of the JIT criminal investigations and he also stressed on Malaysia's continued commitment to the JIT's collective effort for justice.

On May 25, Wisma Putra released a statement saying that Malaysia remained resolute in the pursuit to prosecute those responsible for the MH17 tragedy.

In this regard, it said, Malaysia appreciated the presentation on the latest report by JIT on May 24, and the way forward on the criminal investigation as well as its related press statements.

After four years of investigation into the downing of Flight MH17, JIT said the jetliner was shot down by a Russian missile, BUK TELAR.

In a statement published on its website JIT said the team was convinced that a BUK TELAR was used to down MH17, and that it originated from the 53rd Anti-Aircraft Missile Brigade (53rd Brigade), which is a unit of the Russian Army from Kursk in the Russian Federation.

The JIT looking into the incident is made up of Dutch prosecutors and police and others from Australia, Malaysia and Ukraine.

The Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 was travelling from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur when it was shot down over the conflict zone in eastern Ukraine. All 298 people onboard were killed. — Bernama

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